Our Focus on Sustainability

TurksLegal acknowledges the NSW, VIC & QLD Government Sustainability Policy, which sets strategies and targets for:

  • Conserving water use
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Advocating sustainable purchasing

To demonstrate our commitment to strong environmental principles, we’ve had a documented environmental policy in place for a number of years that covers a broad range of initiatives and issues, including:

  • Enforcing electronic data storage to minimise paper use as part of our paperless office initiative, as well as making double sided photocopying default
  • Encouraging clients to instruct and correspond electronically, where appropriate
  • Recycling waste paper, stationery, and toner cartridges
  • Minimising energy consumption via timed lighting controls and on-demand air-conditioning
  • Encouraging staff to utilise public transport or walking, wherever practical

Our ‘green’ home

As part of our commitment to a 'green' workplace, we are located in buildings with strong environmental policy and sustainability credentials. In Sydney, for example, we reside in the Citigroup Centre office tower. The building's owner and manager have the following initiatives in place to reduce the environmental impact of all lessees:

  • Benchmarking building energy/greenhouse as well as water consumption and efficiency using the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS)
  • Purchasing 16.2% of base building energy from government accredited GreenPower renewable energy sources
  • Installation and monitoring of electricity and water sub metres
  • Ongoing tuning of operating hours and system control parameters to avoid unnecessary  energy consumption
  • Cutting water waste from bathrooms and reducing sewer discharge
  • Constant testing of cooling towers to ensure optimal hygiene and water efficiency
  • Provision of waste segregation and recycling facilities and systems
  • Frequent measurement and testing of the indoor environment to ensure safe and productive working conditions