Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice

Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice
Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice

TurksLegal has one of the largest and most specialised life Insurance, superannuation and related regulatory advice practices in Australia.

For a long time now, we have relentlessly focused on developing our expertise in line with the evolving needs of the life insurers and superannuation funds with whom we partner. Put simply, our collective effort, skill, energy and knowledge is singularly marshalled to deliver solutions to the problems our clients face. This is what we do.

In addition to collaborating with and assisting individual clients, we also cherish the industry voice we have established through our long partnership associations with so many leading life insurers, funds and industry bodies. To this end, you will often see our life experts speaking at both industry events and at our own internal seminar series alerting participants to looming challenges as well as igniting innovative thought processes on the myriad of issues which life insureds and funds face.  

Igniting innovative thought about our industry also propels our Turks Scholarship and our LIFT (Life Insurance Future Thinking) Alumni Think-Tank (both in partnership with ALUCA) as well our TurksAcademy training program.

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