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The TurksLegal Workers Compensation in NSW: A Guide for Insurers and Employers is a unique online and interactive portal, enabling you to navigate, search and reference up-to-date information in the area of Workers Compensation.

The Guide will support you in understanding the way the rapidly evolving body of Workers Compensation law in NSW is developing.


Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law and Employment Law Partner, Sam Kennedy, has applied his considerable skill and depth of expertise in this area to isolate and interpret the law, in a format that will give you comprehensive access to understanding workers compensation law in NSW and how this can impact your business. Sam is a regular contributor to seminars and conferences, and has published articles in professional journals. 


Sam Kennedy


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We hope the Turkslegal Workers Compensation Guide becomes a trusty compass for you whenever you need to follow the unexplored directions in which Workers Compensation law in NSW is developing.

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Disclaimer: While every care has been taken in preparation of the Guide to ensure it accurately reflects the relevant law, the material is provided as a general commentary only and should not be considered a substitute for specific legal advice. Accordingly, TurksLegal does not accept responsibility for any errors in or omissions from the document.